Hair: *Alice Project* Rose [M] – Infinity (50% off sale going on and I loved this baby the best)
Skin: –Belleza– Ava Best Buys June 1 DT (Not sure if this best buy thing is still on but I had to pick it up then – soo awesome)
Dress, necklace, and bracelet: Bubblez Design NY Collin Outfit (She is a whiz that milo – comes up with super awesome goodies all the time – haven’t the faintest how she does it)
Eyes: *The Stringer Mausoleum* Hypno Eyes [Mesh] – L.E. Aquarian – Size 2 (Depraved Thrift Shop)
Bracelets: AIDORU sacred beads (Depraved Thrift Shop)
Tatoo: Tenjin – My Vintage Heart Tattoo (The Black Market)
Ring: *Phoebe* Flower Ring ~Pink-Lilac (The Black Market)
Poses: Diesel Works June gift


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