When you find a scrumptious skin like this one you’re going go grab hold of it and want to wear it all the time. Honestly, I like wearing darker skins but it is few and far between…so when one comes up with a gorgeous gorgeous tone – its hard not to wear it and wear it all the time..

Oh and I forgot to add these are limited edition items, only 150 will be sold…..


Hair: Hair Day. Heather LFE (24²– Starts Sept 5th)

Shape: Ooh-la-licious Lupita Nyong’o Celebrity Shape (24²– Starts Sept 5th)

Skin: Ooh-la-licious/Lupita/LE/Godiva/Cleavage/Lip Gloss 2 (24²– Starts Sept 5th)

Dress: adoness: marguerite: blood (District 5- Industrial)

Nails: Hollyhood  LA’METALLIC_la’metallic nails (La Metallique)

Pose:  :Picture This! Poses:  Fall Fashion


5 thoughts

  1. Looks like the girl from Serenity/Firefly. Think she was on Buffy too. Great skin.


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