Put your best foot forward….

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When you have a celebrity with flawless features like Lupita Nyong’o its hard to imagine a more perfect set of features or skin…but this one from Ooh-la-licious comes pretty darn close…with the stunning chocolate covered skin. I’m completely in love with it…and keep wearing it every darn occasion I get. You can get the shape too with it….and it is a limited edition, only 150 copies.

The super stylish dress is from Hilly Haalan, and it is an exclusive outfit for the event…complete with the purse and heels (slink high). The hair is from Hair day called heather available for the 24 squared event…

The consort, rather stylish and regal jewelry is from Jumo also another stunner for the 24 squared…you’re going to be truly pampered….when the even starts on the 5th of September..





 Hair: Hair Day. Heather LFE (24²– Starts Sept 5th)

Skin: Ooh-la-licious/Lupita/LE/Godiva/Cleavage/Lip Gloss 4 (24²– Starts Sept 5th)

Jewelry: Jumo Consort Jewelry Set (24²– Starts Sept 5th)

Dress: [hilly haalan] Collection Exclusive ”Adaline” (24²– Starts Sept 5th)

Nails: Hollyhood  cracked mirror nails (La Metallique)

Pose: Label Motion – Blair (TDR Fusion)


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