Boho culture fair…soon

Boho culture fair will be starting soon….where the theme is urban, hippy, colorful, and bohemian clothes. Lots of fun, chic designs from well known brands that will showcase the edgy, laid back, or hippy look with a touch of pizazz! like this absolutely arresting design from CHs for the Boho Culture Fair.

The fair runs from October 10th to the 25th.


Hair: ~*Damselfly*Kerry Flex Mesh

Laurel: Poets heart  – Eleya’s Song Laurel (part of the design)

Skin: .:WoW Skins Aisha Bronze 02 (Black Dot Project Exclusive)

Makeup – lipstick: AsHmOoT_LipSticK #01_MaT/ Red (Four Seasons Market)

Dress, bracelets, nail polish: Ch’s Woodstock (Boho culture fair –  October 10 start – lm included closer to the event)

Jewelry – Ring: .:E.A.Studio:.Box Ring Tribal Wings (Body Modification Expo – starts Oct 10th, lm will be included closer to the event)

Jewelry – Septum ring: Bokeh – Thick Septum Piercing (Unisex)

Pose: Kirin Poses  – Sakura Pose


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