Lets go green….

Keeping with the tropical theme is the Annex with its gorgeous gown  – Arborea. This beautiful and evocative gown with its fern panels and satiny tones are sure to leave you with a fresh admiration for the gorgeous colors of the tropics.
Also, get ready for OMGacha that will start on July 10th and AlterEgo is participating in it with two gorgeous skins that you’re sure to love.
SlackGirl is participating in the Fashion limited with a limited edition of a fabulous eyeshadow. Get this only 25 copies will be sold and if you’re looking for something exclusive, this is it – how cool is that unique eyeshadow  – only 25 pieces floating around in SL.


Up close with the gorgeous gacha skin, the fern panel, and the limited edition makeup. The make up is beautifully subtle…

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * TYRA*/darkred
Skin: ((=alterego=)) janae – honey [darkbrow_clv] – pank (for OMGacha starting July 10th)
Makeup – eyeshadow: ::SlackGirl:: FabiaShad 02 (Fashion Limited)
Gown:The Annex – Arborea Gown (FASHIONTROPIC – starts July 7th)
Earrings: Loordes of London-The Double Helix
Pose: *PosESioN* Artemisa Set
Location: Mint and Rose


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