After dark…

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Do you realize, we’re one day away from the end. Not that end, it’s the beginning of the new end, well err…sorry I’m just soo excited, let me start again.

After dark

*Deep breath*, Seraphim SL’s latest round of the End, the fabulous apocalyptic themed event is just one day away from opening up its second fabulous round. How coool is that and it abounds in deliciousness (word!!!) You’re going to love it with all the droolworthy designers coming up with some fabulous offerings that are not just sexy, but fun and edgy.
After dark
Hair: (r)M Hair No .40’15 (Hair Fair – Blonde)
Skin:.::WoW Skins::. V2 Masha Darktan (Ross Fair – starts today)
Makeup: [mock] Aos SI Zebra Masque Lip 1
Jewelry: Meva Spiral Spheres
Design : Apple May Designs – Izzie – Black
Pants: ODDITY Pants ~TheEnd~ Leather Lace (The End – Starts July 16th)
Boots: [ SAKIDE ] Fateful Boots Black Rust (The End – Starts July 16th)
Pose:  Purple Poses Maite


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