Dust in the wind

Sas has a beautiful gown the Damatjo in Moss and its an lovely exclusive gown – with beautiful detail that flows like a dream….

Dust in the wind

Also, SlackGirl has makeups for the newly updated version of Slink Visage heads. The new Visage heads can have makeup applied to them and SlackGirl is having a whole new store dedicated to the makeup for Slink Visage, how coool is that. With other news, Zuri Rayna jewelry is having the fabulous Mist Elite jewelry at her store…

Dust in the wind

Hair: enVOGUE – HAIR Naarnisse – Diversity
Visage makeup applier Eyes: :::SlackGirl:: Slack-L7 for SLINK VISAGE
Visage makeup applier Lips: :::SlackGirl:: CoriLips for SLINK VISAGE
Gown: Sascha’s Designs Damatjo in Musk
Jewelry: Zuri Rayna– Mist Elite Full Collection-(click the jewelry to change the color, gems, and so on. plus her groupies are amply rewarded)
Pose: Corpus Gown pose (old pose)


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