Day: June 8, 2016

Its all there in black and white…

So tons of goodies at Swank for your buying pleasure and this time its all nice and interiorsy (if that’s a word) and since the theme is keeping it all monochromatic, you can expect it to be pretty much in classic lines…always so good to see classic..
Its all there in black and white...
Privacy Screen: [Park Place] Kuro Privacy Screen (Swank)
Floor Lamp: [Park Place] Kuro 4-Globe Floor Lamp (Swank)
Wall Art: [Park Place] Singing Redbird Wall Decor (Swank)
Plant: [Park Place] Kuro Bamboo Plant (gift) (Swank)
Chair: Kaerri Monochrome Patio Chair (Swank)
Table: Kaerr Monochrome Patio Table (Swank)
Vase: Kaerr Monochrome Patio Vase (Swank)
Carpet: Vintage Touch Worn Gothick Damask Rug

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