[[Genre]] Blogger Spotlight: Purr Foxclaw

Yayy!!! I’m in the Genre Blogger spotlight – thank you Samineh!!!


Back in April of this year is when I (Tivi) first took over coordinating [[Genre]]’s bloggers and one of the first things Voshie had me do was do an open Blogger call to get some fresh, new bloggers into the group.  As of this moment, we have not spotlighted one of these talented bloggers just yet, so that they had time to get their feet wet and truly get into the swing of what it means to be a [[Genre]] blogger.  Here, though, this month, you will see the talent of one of these additions.

The way Blogger Spotlight works is this: Each round, we will feature one of our bloggers in their very own spotlight post, to be posted on the 13th of the month (the day before the Shopping Guide for the next round comes out).  How this blogger will be chosen will be based simply on doing…

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