Powder Pack – January

So Powder Pack with 12 of your favorite Catwa appliers is now available for a pre-order. So you can run over to the Powder Pack location inworld or if you’re feeling particularly restful, order online, by subscribing on marketplace. So when you preorder your set, you will get a spiffy little folder, containing information about your successful reservation.

Also, there is an exciting giveaway of the January edition on their facebook page for their facebook followers. Check their Facebook Giveaway post for more details.

Here are some dates to keep note of:
Preorder from: January 1, 2017 until Jan 16th (price to order doubles after the 16th)
Pack delivery date: January 17, 2017

So here are the designers for the January round:


For more details, please go to their website: http://powderpacksl.com/

Also, there is a spiffy contest, called powder pack princess, that they will be sponsoring, where they will choose one photo every month from the Powder Pack flickr group, and the photographer will get for free the next three Powder pack releases. For more details, check out the Powder pack princess page on their website.


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