Day: May 29, 2017

Space invaders…

Space invaders
In the air,
In a flying saucer,
You can take me there
Space invaders...
Hair and helmet: CUREMORE/ Selenopolis / Roboria Helmet (Pure)  (Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Mesh Head: ..LeLutka. Head.Chloe 2.7
Shape: Lyrium Hinata Shape _Maitreya for Chloe Head
Applier: Glam Affair – Beth ( LeLutka Applier ) Asia (eBENTO)
Arms: CUREMORE / Selenopolis / Maschinenmensch Arms RARE  (Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Claws: CUREMORE / Selenopolis / Maschinenmensch Claws RARE  (Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Tiara: CUREMORE / Selenopolis / Futura Tiara (Pure)  (Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Outfit: CUREMORE / Selenopolis / Machina Body (Pure)  (Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Collar: Zibska Tzofi Collar  (Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Orbs: Zibska Tzofi Lower Orbit, Tzofi Orbit  (Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Boots: CUREMORE / Selenopolis / Robotrix Boots (Pure)  (Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Pose: Poseidon  Kunoichi 10 Rare (Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Asteroid thingys: CUREMORE / Selenopolis / La Lune (Silver) (Fantasy Gacha Carnival )