Dancing to the beat….

Some really awesome goodies available for you like at the mesh body addicts…and the Indie Teepee….woot woot…
Dancing to the beat....
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Chenille Rigged Mesh (FaMeshed)
Mesh Head: Genesis Lab. Head_Stephanie_3.2 Bento (The Mesh Body Addicts Fair)
Shape: Genesis Lab. – Stephanie Shape (The Mesh Body Addicts Fair)
Applier: Genesis Lab. Skin_STEPHANIE_LATTE (The Mesh Body Addicts Fair)
Shades: [ContraptioN] Meltdown Shades II (Indie Teepee)
Jewelry – necklace: Cyget – City of Industry Necklace – Concrete (Indie Teepee)
Cami: Vinyl – Xayalith Tiered Cami – Maitreya (The Mesh Body Addicts Fair)
Keytar: BALACLAVA!! Keytar ZERO-W (Indie Teepee)
Glow stacks: DISORDERLY. / Glow Stacks (Indie Teepee)

More information on Indie Teepee:

More information on MBA Fair:

Neon Lights (A)

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