A room with a view….

There is a new gazebo available at the We Love RP event from Serenity Style and it is dreamy….and romantic….
A room with a view....
Gazebo: Serenity Style-Augusta Out of time Gazebo (We Love RP)
Curtain: Serenity Style– Solstice Dreams curtain
Cushion: Sway’s  [Shirin] Floor Cushion – gold.olive
Pillow: Sway’s  [Willow] Floor pillows . native
Vase: Sway’s [Agwe] Vase with Monstera leaves
Table: Sway’s  [Agwe] Side table
Rug: Sway’s [Kaden] Rug with fringes . colorful
Cupcake: FAYDED – Cupcake Decor (On9)
Windchimes: Sway’s [Shells] Wind Chimes – natural
Tree: LB CherryTree.V2{4Seasons}
Grass: *alirium* ItchyGrass [DarkGreen]

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