Cabin in the woods….

So Galland homes has a fabulous new log home available at FAmeshed….it is the Laurel Ridge log home and its brand spanking new releasing at Fameshed. This log home needs about 35 m by 25 m. Its absolutely brilliant and makes you feel like you’re in a nice spacious log cabin in the woods, your own little winter/spring getaway, man cave, bat cave, woman’s corner, whatever you wanna call it, its all ready for you to be furnished and make it your own….It comes with a nice little fireplace to keep you warm in those cold winter nights…
Cabin in the woods....
Galland Homes – Laurel Ridge   (Fameshed)

GOOSE – Fall rocking chair (white)

Yasyn – Chouzubachi w/ Moss and Sound On/Off  (Genre)
Yasyn – Yukimi-doro – Ivory (Lit)  (Genre)

Sway’s [Stony] stepping stone . snowy – fresh (Fifty linden friday)

LB  CherryTree.V2{4Seasons}

*alirium* ItchyGrass [Frozen]

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