Day: May 5, 2018

Gone to the……cats

So as you’ve heard its the FaMESHed anniversary and chock full of goodies available for your pleasure….and it sure is amazing!!
Gone to the cats...
Galland Homes Freeman Trellis (FaMESHed)
– Galland Homes Freeman Ivy

N4RS Spa Massage Set – PG (FaMESHed)
– N4RS Spa Massage Table
– N4RS Spa Side Table
– N4RS Weave Basket
– N4RS Agave Shawii
– N4RS Candle – green
– N4RS Candle – natural
– N4RS Massage Oil – Green
– N4RS Spa Screen – Transparent
– N4RS Spa Towels
– N4RS Spa Towels – Fleur de Lis

Granola. Violette (FaMESHed)
– Violette’s Cage Pendants. Silver. Long
– Violette’s Vases. Silver

Ex Machina – Tesla Standing Lamp (FaMESHed)

Ariskea[Cocoli]Set (FaMESHed)
– Ariskea[Cocoli] Banana Plant
– Ariskea[Cocoli] Outdoor Seat [rose]
– Ariskea[Cocoli] Porch Light string
– Ariskea[Cocoli] Wood Shudder

JIAN Ragdoll Cat (FaMESHed)
– JIAN Ragdoll Cat Collection :: Companion (Add me!)
– JIAN Ragdoll Cat Collection :: Wanderer (Rez me!)
– JIAN Ragdoll Cat Snoozing Chair

Refuge – Spring Gala Table Light White (FaMESHed)

hive // pink caladium plant

MudHoney Talia Rug