Day: October 11, 2021

Having a cuppa

There’s a new way to play at The Arcade! Learn how in just 4 simple steps!


Grab a Shopping HUD at the front entrance. You will also need to accept The Arcade’s Experience. HUDs are required for machine play. If you try to pay a machine without wearing a HUD, you’ll be reimbursed with no prize delivered.

  1. PAIR

Pair to any machine by clicking the “PAIR” button on its associated Pairing Station. Once paired with a machine, the HUD reveals a random lineup of numbers. These numbers match up with prizes on the machine’s key art, showing what’s available to purchase and in what order.

  1. PAY

If you like what you see, pay the machine and your prize will be delivered. Your HUD will update, moving your lineup forward, offering a new prize for immediate purchase.


Continue playing through the lineup or disconnect from your HUD and pair with another machine.

• No two HUDs read the same! Each and every shopper has a unique experience of their own!

• HUDs reset every night at Midnight SLT, providing shoppers with updated lineups throughout the round!

• Transferable prizes!

• Same great machines; A whole new way to play!

Having a cuppa... Hair: {Buing} Bunni Hair. RIGGED. RARE (Arcade)
Mesh Head: LeLUTKA. EvoX Avalon 3.1 (Previous Skin Fair)
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) LeLutka EvoX Skin – Mocha– Marmalade
Applier – eyes: AG. Halloween Eyes  (Arcade)
Dress: Mikunch Girls Parade / Ouchi dress (ALL) (Arcade)
Drink: [Fetch] Eerie Drinks – White Pumpkin  (Arcade)