CStar at the Whore couture fair

The newest release from cStar is for the whore couture fair with a set of skins the Glory whore set that is at once seductive and tres tres alluring. The lipstick that’s just been smeared off in the head of passion…plus the ever so creamy texture and the look really sets it apart.

Also there is the new clothes from Antisocial – cSTars’ latest clothing venture and they’re participating in the Whore Couture fair too.

Check it out: The Whore couture fair


I’m leaving on a jet plane

and I’ll know where to go ….to where there are lots of goodies…where else but a good discount store with tons of goodies marked down low…like designer circle, and the new discount store that Lilo is in – stuff in stock.

Oh and moni’s got some really cute hair up in her new releases section – very pretty and funky with two tones….you’re gonna love it!

Check it out: Designer Circle, Stuff in Stock, Red Mint


Hair: (r)M ~ Hair No.23

Skin: Jesylilo Stuff in Stock

Dress: Mu-Shi Doll Leo Dream White (Designer Circle)

Bag: BeautyCode Knuckle Bag (Designer Circle)

My Precious: Cherie

Agnes Cherie is a sexy cocktail design that is flirty in a very sensual manner. Made up of satin and lace,  this classic style in black has little designs that expose your skin while leaving a lot more to the imagination. The styling hugs your avatar and the skirt flairs and flows with every movement of your legs.  This is one design you’re going to want to have in your wardrobe to showcase the inner flirt in you….

Check it out: My Precious by Agnes Finney Mainstore


Skin:*JeSyLiLO*:::lindsey:::*LightSkin*J5 (for whore couture fair)

Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*31(Dark Brown)

Dress: Agnes Cherie

Designer Circle and JKTrends

More fun and very sexy that’s how I’d like to describe the latest round of DC. Lots of your favorite designers are all participating with new discounted goodies for you.

Plus while you’re at it, why not check out the gorgeous jewelry from JKTrends – like the black pearl set…soo pretty and affordable, always love it when funky, classy jewelry is within my budget…I go spend spend spend1 and so should you.

Check it out: Designer Circle, JKTrends Mainstore


Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*26(Chocolate)

Skin: ::mar:: CS. SONYA Skin (group gift – group join is free)

Dress: E-Clipse Ashanthi Black (Designer Circle)

Jewelry: JKTrends-blackPearls

Shoes: B&G (Designer Circle)

Makeup: [mock] Apryll’s Wedding [makeover]


Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*30(Dark Brown)

Skin: BeautyCode Sophia Dark Shadow (Designer Circle)

Dress: ::Poised:: Glam Leopard

Piercing: BeautyCode Knuckle Lip Piercing (Designer Circle)

Jewelry: JKTrends-blackPearls

Shoes: B&G (Designer Circle)

Cilian’gel groupies

Checks if my heart is in place this time but at least I’m toasty warm with all the great gifts and slinky stuff…so I gotta turn up the heat and still feel snuggly.

What better way to do it in this than with loads of group gifts in place…like the cilian’gel gifties for the groupies (very small group joining fee of 50L)…like this lovely key mouthie and the mittens, scarf, and beanie that are sure to make you feel sexy and warm.

I can’t seem to get enough of the lovely Akeruka Back to Black skin….check out the detail on the lip (a gorgeous red with black stripes) and the eyes….very breathtaking!

Check it out: Cilian’gel Mainstore, Akeruka Mainstore


Its Fridayyyyyyyyyyy–Lets go crazyyyyyyyy

Lovely friday..all the more reasons to go indulge in a lot of retail therapy and just plain gussy up ….

I absolutely love the stunning Lisa skin that Kaoz has for the Back to Black event…with the lovely detail around the eyes and the lip. The eyelashes are rich and voluminous plus I love the lip stripes….gives you that smoldering look.

Emeliy got her weekend and the stunning cocktail dress is gorgeous in terms of cut and embroidery.

Oh and did you guys ever get a chance to check out the jewelry sets and the jewelry at JKTrends – soo gorgeous and affordable….very feminine! like the Margarita set that I have on.

Check it out: Akeruka Mainstore, TrendStyle Mainstore, JKTrends Mainstore


Hair: **Dura-Boy**01(Black)

Skin: AKERUKA Lisa skin for Back To Black – MK 01

Dress: TrendStyle – Cocktail Dress Asya black

Jewelry: JKtrends Margarita set

I’m feeling the heat

Summer is slowly creeping up in here so I had to check out some hot hot goodies to keep pace with the weather…so I headed out to Les Petits Details store for some great deals..

She’s got amazing new skin and shape sets out like the Rose skin and shape that is absolutely stunning. I have to say I love the gorgeous eyeliner and glossy lips on this beauty. You will want to wear her everywhere…and I bet the guys are gonna be drooling over your new slinky avatar. They’re available in both the natural and the darker tan tones..

Plus grab the goodie bags for the groupies and general freebie out at the store….wooots!

Check it out: *Les Petits Details* Skins, Les Petits Details Mainstore


Hair: Truth< Vicky

Skin and Shape: *LpD* Skins – *Rose* Pink Darker Tan

Dress: Sassy! Infatuation – The Glamour is Hunt (starting Feb 15th)

Jewelry: Virtual Impressions Jan Group gift