It’s a good day

So I had to take a breather from the work I was doing – don’t even begin to ask, the gun might give you an idea…hehe kidding!

However, I do love the gorgeous body suit from Egoisme – figure hugging and a plunging neckline (even the holster is brilliant)…it comes with a collar, boots, and uzi for whenever you need to fight (for your rights to party!)…well really Smile. Oh and its 100% mesh…

The stunning skin is from Ydreece from her Mirror’s Enigma store…gorgeous with soft tones that you’re sure to love….

The necklace is from JKTrends – Eliana necklace – set at only 10L for this week…_

Skin:[:ME:] Vanity Tan Skintone (Smoky 02)

Design: Egoisme BodyGlove – Black

Necklace: JKTrends – Eliana Necklace


Lots of newness happening like the new stuff in Designer Circle, Akeruka, Alli and Ali, and BeautyCode. Tons of goodies to be had and gotten…positively drool worthy.


Hair: Alli&Ali Chloe Hair 1

Skin: AKERUKA Meg V2 skin

Dress:Baboom Couture-  Eowyn-Evening gown (Designer Circle)

Jewelry: [Amarelo Manga] – Set Flapper (Onyx)

Pose: PrincessMode – Vengeful Poses.: (Designer Circle)



Hair: Alli&Ali Chloe Hair 1

Skin: ::BeautyCode::. Skin Anastacia Tan – Sinful Lips F

Dress:Vero Modero – Dotty Jump Suit (Designer Circle)

Jewelry – Necklace: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Hematite Necklace (Designer Circle)

Jewelry – Earrings: Smexy Butterfly Earrings (Designer Circle)

Makeup: ! HT Cat Eyeshadow – Bronze (Designer Circle  )

The Voodoo that you do

Check out the gorgeous absolutely sultry skin that cStar has for the Fashion Voodoo event – called Marilyn…

The figure hugging stylish design~Bombshell dress – gold is from Sassy – you really can’t go wrong in a Sassy creation.

The face framing juran hair is from Hinako and the cute as a button necklace (which is very very discounted is from JKTrends.


Hair: :: HINAKO Hair::juran-A::

Skin: cStar Limited – Marilyn – Satin SprayTan (Fashion Voodoo)

Dress: ~Sassy!~ Bombshell dress – gold (Vintage Fair)

Jewelry – Necklace:JKTrends ES14G / Necklace for 55L thursdays

Time to get Sassy

I love the new releases from Sassy – this gorgeous leather pant and leather corset – feels soo snug and sexy and even though I’m big still fits me like a charm Smile.

I adore the Light skin that Lilo’s got as her offering for the Limited Bazaar– an absolute stunner with the pouty lips and all…

Ali and Ali’s cute A&A Selena Hair is an absolute gem – soo cute and flirty.


Hair: Alli&Ali Selena Hair

Skin: **JeSyLiLO*:::LimitedBazaar:::*LightSkin (JesyLilo)

Corset and Pant: ~Sassy!~ Gramercy leather corset – black and Tribeca leather pants – blue

Boots: Carmen Claudia Black  Viewer Phoenix/2/3 and all other new Viewer’s (sale going on at Carmens all her shoes are at 149L – not sure how long this will last though)

Fresh–and exciting

Check out the sexy and alluring hair Andy from Hinako – the side sweep is ultra feminine.

The pouty and smouldering skin is Lilo’s latest Vanity Fair offering – Scarlett. The shimmering make up is the festive palette from Barbie Bitch.

The hot hot dress is Sassy’s Beached Bunny outfit as the hunt prize – soo sexy!

The jewelry is from BeautyCode for the My Sale Boudoir event.myfirstcoposite2345

Hair: ::HINAKO Hair ::Andy@(side Ribbon)

Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::Scarlett:::*Bronze Skin (Vanity Fair)

Dress: ~Sassy!~ Vinyl – Beached Bunny Hunt 2 Gift

Jewelry:.::BeautyCode – My Sale Boudoir Event @ My Sale Boudoir Fair

Makeup: <<BB>> Palette Festive Make Up! (Barbie Bitch)

It’s a Lazy Sun-Day

Sunday is always a good day…so I got to put on my Sunday best – yay!!

The sexy “I got out of a shower” hair that frames the face so well is Missy Hair from Secrets. The form fitting sexy outfit that hugs and silhouettes the curves is Glitter Black from Barbie Bitch….moves like second skin….and I really do not want to take it off.

The skin is Lilo’s Lazy Sunday offering and it’s perfect for the overall Sunday glam look and the sensual and parade makeup from Barbie bitch goes so well with it.

To overlay two layers of make up, you will need firestorm or the latest SL viewer, you cannot layer makeup with Phoenix viewer.

Oh and Virtual Impressions has a new group gift as well as a sale on the colors of the Olympic rings…so today it’s black…all items that are black (or jet) on the ground floor (make sure you check the price as well) – are at 50% off..


Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::Lazy Sunday:::*LightSkin*18

Jewelry: Virtual Impressions Ariel Jewelry Set in Black Pearl & Diamonds

Hair: .::S::. Missy Hair – Black (Secrets)

Makeup: <<BB>> Make Up Parade and <<BB>> Sensual Make Up! (Barbie Bitch)

Dress: <<BB>> Miss Glitter – Black (Barbie Bitch)

The Bad Boy Event

The Bad Boy Event

When two top design talents in Second Life ™ come together to create a range of complementary products- you know you are witnessing something very special.

Vista Barnes (Vista Animations) and Ramses Meredith (Egoisme) have joined forces to produce a unique event for the men of Second Life which will showcase brand new products from both designers.

The ‘Bad Boy’ event runs on Saturday and Sunday 28th/29th July, and you can be the first in Second Life ™ to own brand new products and receive exclusive gifts from both designers.

test adv 2 egovista silver 1024x676 The Bad Boy Event Skin Shopping Second Life Men Gift Freebie Fashion Evian Egoisme Business Beauty Arts

Vista Animations:

The ‘Bad Boy’ AO is the latest release from Vista Animations for its male customers. This AO is designed for the urban man who rules the streets, a man who answers to no one and who plays life by his own rules.

It has a raw sensuality, gritty moves and is full of swagger; an AO for the man who takes what he wants from life and who always wins.

Modern, confident, and full of temperamental attitude – you will always remember the man who wears the ‘Bad Boy’ AO.

There will be a special ‘Bad Boy’ launch discount of 10% this weekend only, and there will also be a special free gift.

test adv egovista silver 1024x676 The Bad Boy Event Skin Shopping Second Life Men Gift Freebie Fashion Evian Egoisme Business Beauty Arts


Fresh from Egoisme, the premier skin and shape brand in Second Life arrives a revolutionary new range of skins called ‘Bad Boy’.

This line of skins is the most realistic ever seen inworld, and has taken months of development time to create.

Featuring HDG (High Definition Grid) technology, these skins are ultra-detailed, and look incredibly life life-even when you zoom in close…you can even see the pores!

‘Davide’ is the very first skin and shape to be released in this new line, and he is the most sensual and erotically charged skin ever released by Egoisme.

This is a classically beautiful man, with razor sharp cheekbones, a voluptuous pout, super toned torso, rippling abdominals and sharply defined pectorals-this is one lean, mean, sex machine!

evian bad boy Davide ADV 1024x677 The Bad Boy Event Skin Shopping Second Life Men Gift Freebie Fashion Evian Egoisme Business Beauty Arts

To visit the ‘Bad Boy’ event, use the SLurls to each store below:

Vista Animations:


For more information on this event, please contact:

Vista Barnes (Vista Animations)

Ramses Meredith (Egoisme)

Persia Bravin (Press and Media)