House for the fall…

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Are you looking for the perfect house thats completely stunning and easy to live in…check out the latest offering – a massive new house from Scarlet and its gorgeous as ever..
House for the fall...
2. Scarlet Creative Magicae House – White

CHEZ MOI – Riverdale Hay Set
– CHEZ MOI Riverdale Hay Couch (Adult)

Little Branch KoreanBeechTree{Animated}5Seasons (TMD)


Through the sunset…

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To relax and take in the sunset….
Through the sunset...
Hair: (r)M Hair No.59’18 (Hair Fair – Brunette)
Dress: – :zk:– Elaine Dress Maitreya  (TLC)
Boots: Mosquito’s Way – Fay for Maitreya  (TLC)

Sway’s [Fay] Hollow Tree with Mushrooms  (TLC) – includes pose
– Sway’s [Fay] Hollow Tree with Mushrooms
– Sway’s [Fay] Mushroom seat

Granola. Ophelia Dining Set. (Builder’s Box)
– Granola. Ophelia Dining Chair.
– Granola. Ophelia Dining Table. 1
– Granola. Ophelia Candlestick Short

Little Branch KoreanBeechTree{Animated}5Seasons (TMD)

{AX} Paper mache pumpkins (We ❤ RP)
.: Runic :. Fairy Butterfly Sunset v.2 (static) (We ❤ RP)

Autumn shadows…

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Newness from Serenity for the Blueprint event….and Chez Moi for Cosmopolitan….
Autumn shadows...
Serenity Style-Merloc Rusty Hall (Blueprint)

Serenity Style-Valencia Bench
Serenity Style-Valencia Fruits Plate

CHEZ MOI – Riverdale Hay Set (Cosmopolitan)
– CHEZ MOI Riverdale Hay Couch (Adult)
– CHEZ MOI Riverdale Firepit

Little Branch LimeTree{Animated}4Seasons  (Ultra)

Garden party…

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Loads of newness like this gorgeous bed from Cheeky Pea available at the mainstore. The drapes and roses are displayed after you click it on the bed menu…and its available in Adult and PG versions…for your personal needs..
The gorgeous tree is from Little Branch available at Ultra…and its a must have for your decor needs.
Also, don’t forget to check out the gorgeous decor from Apple May Designs – called Harvest……available at the Arcade..
Garden party...
Little Branch LimeTree{Animated}4Seasons  (Ultra)

Cheeky Pea: Rebecca’s Dream Bed Rose (Adult)

Apple May Designs Harvest Set  (The Arcade)
– Harvest Table – Light
– Harvest Storage Chest – Light
– Harvest Candle Decor
– Harvest Cake – Chocolate
– Harvest Cake – Strawberry
– Harvest Fruit Bowl – Pears
– Harvest Fruit Bowl – Apples
– Harvest Plate Settings (A)

Confessions on a relaxing day….

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Nothing like unwinding near the beach or a lake, listening to the soothing sound of water….as it lulls you into a peaceful time…
Confessions on a relaxing day....
Serenity Style-The Bayou Raft (Confessions of Thomas Greene)

Atelier Visconti Set Dahlia (TLC)
– Atelier Visconti Dahlia Rocking Chair
– Atelier Visconti Dahlia Side Table

Little Branch PersimmonTree{Animated}4Seasons (PocketShop)

CHEZ MOI – Hampton Bay BBQ Picnic (Tres Chic)
– CHEZ MOI – Peaches Basket
– CHEZ MOI – Apple Basket
– CHEZ MOI – Bread Tray

Granola. Maggie’s Eary Autumn Gacha. (The Arcade)
– Granola.  Maggie’s Rainy Lantern Rusty Silver. C/M
– Granola.  Maggie’s Bell Decor. REWARD

Sese Village Farm (The Arcade)
– 5. Sese_Village Farm_Bagels Bialy
– 11. Sese_Village Farm_Bowl & Eggs

Sway’s [Chloe] Picnic Food

dust bunny . pineapple drink

Apple Fall Cosmos Flowers – Candystripe
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 1

Near the farm

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Sese is back and participating in the Arcade with this fabulous set…
Near the farm
Sese Village Farm (The Arcade)
– 1. Sese_Village Farm_Barn House RARE
– 2. Sese_Village Farm_Courtyard Wall RARE
– 7. Sese_Village Farm_Baguette
– 8. Sese_Village Farm_Table
– 9. Sese_Village Farm_Bench
– 14. Sese_Village Farm_Cabinet
– 17. Sese_Village Farm_Trough
– 18. Sese_Village Farm_Barrel & Pumpkin
– 19. Sese_Village Farm_Apples & Pumpkin
– 22. Sese_Village Farm_Goat
– 23. Sese_Village Farm_Goat Happy
– 26. Sese_Village Farm_Sunflowers
– 28. Sese_Village Farm_ Wood Fence

Little Branch UmbrellaThorn{Animated}

Prickly heat….

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This fabulous gacha offering from Granola is available at the latest round of the Arcade….
Also, this super duper gorgeous Umbrella Thorn item is available at the Little Branch satellite store at the Cosmopolitan sim and is 50% off for a couple of days only (part of Hello Tuesday) so hurry if you want to grab on to the goodies before its back to full price.
Prickly heat....
Granola. Maggie’s Eary Autumn Gacha. (The Arcade)
– Granola. Maggie’s Bench. RARE C/M
– Granola. Maggie’s Mushrooms. C/M
– Granola. Maggie’s Pedestal Table. C/M
– Granola. Maggie’s Pomegranates. C/M
– Granola. Maggie’s Rainy Lantern Rusty Red. C/M
– Granola. Maggie’s Rainy Window Decor. C/M
– Granola. Maggie’s Windmill Patina. C/M

Little Branch UmbrellaThorn{Animated} (50% for a couple of days)
– Little Branch WildGrass*1Li{Dry}*Animated