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Onwards and outwards…

Looking forward…
Onwards and outwards...
Hair: /TRUTH/ Surrender
Mesh Head: LeLUTKA.Head.Erin.1.0
Shape: [KKLRS]Delicate Shapes – Lelutka Erin/Legacy (Skin Fair – lm coming soon)
Skin: amara beauty – Nina ivory – BR BROWS (Level)
Monocle: Luas Milicent Monocle (Arcade)
Dress: Luas Milicent Dress RARE (Arcade)
Jacket: Luas Milicent Jacket Beige (Arcade)
Wings: Luas Milicent Bento Wings RARE (Arcade)
Tattoo: [CAROL G] Alma Tattoo Henna 50% (Uber)
Pose: FOXCITY. Sweet Bento Pose Set

Checking messages….

Always important to check in on messages…just to make sure you don’t miss any…
Checking messages....
Hair: Foxy – Cupid (Kustom 9)
Mesh Head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W001 – v1.6 – Mocap
Shape: –Belleza– Darcey Shape  (Uber)
Skin: –Belleza– Darcey Genus BoM Fair Br  (Uber)
Dress: CynfulT-Shirt Dress – Legacy Female  (FaMESHed)
Leggings: .Safira. Siri Jeggings (Legacy)  (Belle)
Headphones: BONDI – Party Time – Headphones 02 (Arcade)
Shoes:!APHORISM!– Aria Trainers Fatpack  (FaMESHed)
Pose and prop: FOXCITY. Cruising Bento Friend Pose

BAMSE: Gamer (Arcade)
– BAMSE : Gamer – Acoustic Panel
– BAMSE : Gamer – Amp
– BAMSE : Gamer – Chair RARE
– BAMSE : Gamer – Desk Extension RARE
– BAMSE : Gamer – Desk RARE
– BAMSE : Gamer – Enemy Tears
– BAMSE : Gamer – Fridge
– BAMSE : Gamer – Headphone cable
– BAMSE : Gamer – Headphone Stand
– BAMSE : Gamer – Headphones
– BAMSE : Gamer – Keyboard
– BAMSE : Gamer – Lamp
– BAMSE : Gamer – Microphone
– BAMSE : Gamer – Monitor
– BAMSE : Gamer – Mouse
– BAMSE : Gamer – Mouse pad
– BAMSE : Gamer – Neon
– BAMSE : Gamer – PC
– BAMSE : Gamer – ReCharge Cans
– BAMSE : Gamer – Speaker Central
– BAMSE : Gamer – Speaker L
– BAMSE : Gamer – Speaker R
– BAMSE : Gamer – VR Headset

[ bubble ] Pizza Queen (Lootbox)
– [ bubble ] Pizza Neon Green
– [ bubble ] Pizza Bracelet Gold

DRD – Powergaming Shed – Building
DRD – Powergaming Shed – Single Server

Turning a page…

On to new chapters…..
Turning a page...
Hair: Tableau Vivant\\ Abigail hair (Kustom 9)
Mesh Head:  LeLUTKA. Head.Nova.1.0
Shape: Lyrium. Ava Shape (Lelutka Nova)
Skin:  [Glam Affair] Rosalie Layer [Lelutka] 005 A (Uber)
Freckles:  [Glam Affair] Rosalie – Freckles (A) (Uber)
Top: Addams// Pheobe Braided Top
Corset: Addams// Pheobe Lace Corset
Sweater: Addams// Pheobe Loose Boho Sweater
Jeans: Addams// Pheobe Jeans Mid Feet with Belt
Daisy:  :LW: Daisy (for mouth)
Pose and props: Lyrium. Turning Pages Series

What should I do next?

Wonder what should I do next….
What should I do next?
Hair: Foxy – Flirt. (Kustom 9)
Mesh Head:  LeLUTKA. Head.Nova.1.0
Shape: Lyrium. Ava Shape (Lelutka Nova)
Skin: [the Skinnery] Ginny (Lelutka) honey BB (Uber)
Dress: United Colors Natalia_dress_all in 1 (Kustom 9)
Sunglasses: LaGyo Suprema Sunglasses (Kustom 9)
Pose: :LW: Bento Poses – In My Mind 2 (Belle)

Having your cup (cake) and eating it too…

Quite tasty all the deals you get at the new Epiphany round…!!!
Having your cup (cake) and eating it too...
Hair: Doe: Becca Baker [No Hat] – Fatpack (Epiphany)
Beanie: Luas January Beanie Pink (Epiphany)
Mesh Head: LeLUTKA. Head.Nova.1.0
Shape: Lyrium. Sophia Shape (Lelutka Erin)
Skin:  [Glam Affair] Thora Layer [Lelutka] 004 C (Uber)
Freckles: [Glam Affair] Thora – Freckles (A) (Uber)
Moles: [Glam Affair] Thora – Moles ( B )  (Uber)
Lipgloss: [Glam Affair] Thora – Lip Gloss (A) (Uber)
Jacket: Luas January Jacket Black (Epiphany)
Leggings: Luas January Leggings Black & Pink (Epiphany)
Belt: Luas January Leggins Belt Pink (Epiphany)
Choker: 14.Loki– Meow Meow GACHA – White Kitty Bell Choker (Epiphany)
Bag: Luas January Bag Pink & Black (Epiphany)
Cupcake: :::ChicChica::: Valentine wear # 10 (Epiphany)
Sneaker: Luas January Sneakers Pink (Epiphany)
Pose: Amitie Fairyland 04 (Epiphany)

Backdrop: MINIMAL– January Group Gift 2020

Here’s Nova….

Lelutka has new content!! Yay!! So here’s a looksie with Nova, the brand new – 100% BOM ready and intended to be used as such. Old skin, eyes, and lash appliers can also be used. However, old makeup appliers/layers have been replaced with HD lip and HD eyeshadow layers and old appliers will not work on them.

Introductory price will be set to L$ 3700 for the first two “Evolution” Line Female Heads till January 20th, 2020. After this 2-week period, the price will be set back to the standard price of L$ 5000.

Also, Glam Affair has a 5 new skins designed to work flawlessly with both new heads. Each skin comes in all 12 of the latest skintones in both BOM ready layers and a hud applier. Also, there is something new – the Glam Affair universal layers, special tattoo layers blended to apply only the face and make up areas. These layers works fantastic with Glam Affair and any other skin.
Here's Nova...
Hair: Wasabi// Prisha Mesh Hair (Uber)
Mesh Head: LeLUTKA. Face.Nova.002
Mesh Head: LeLUTKA. Eyes.Nova.1.0
Piercing: LeLUTKA. Piercing.Lip.1.0
Applier: [Glam Affair] – Lelutka Applier – Becca 005
Top: Porcelain. – Isla Top Maitreya (Belle)
Jeans: Addams // Maisei Jeans with Patches
Pose and prop: Sari-Sari – Mini Cassette Player BENTO WEARABLE (Red) (Anthem)

Apple Fall Photographers’ Easel
Apple Fall Metro Entrance
Apple Fall Martins’ Busker Guitar
Apple Fall Aspidistra in Wicker Planter

Coffee run…

Rushing home after a good coffee and coke run…
Coffee run...
Hair: Foxy – Nebula.  (Kustom 9)
Mesh Head: .LeLutka. Head.Korina 3.4
Shape: [Glam Affair] Sheryl [ Lelutka ] Shape (Kustom 9)
Applier: [Glam Affair] Sheryl [ Lelutka ] 004  (Kustom 9)
Applier – eyeshadow: #ADORED – adorabundle (Powder Pack SL Lelutka Nov)
Applier – lipstick: Colivati – High Fashion Collection (Powder Pack SL Lelutka Nov)
Jacket: [HU] Carys Jacket (Belle)
Sweater: [HU] Carys Sweater  (Belle)
Jeans: Gaia– Brooke Denim Jeans  (Kustom 9)
Cola: ::NOIR+Midna::: Noel Cola – 04 (Epiphany)
Boots: Eudora3D Rusty Boots (Uber)
Pose and shopping bag: Amitie Calendar April

tarte. lighted birch trees (Uber)